Apex Sketch v6 Installation

Installation and Registration of Apex Sketch v6 is fairly straight-forward where for the most part, you choose the defaults as you progress through the process. Unless otherwise directed by your IT Admin, we recommend the following installation instructions.

Once you’ve launched the Apex Sketch v6 setup executable, the first dialog that opens provides you with basic information about the installation process. When you’re ready to begin, click or tap the Next button.

Note: If at anytime you wish to abort the installation process, click or tap Cancel.

The following dialog provides you with important licensing information regarding Apex Sketch v6. After reviewing the EULA (End User License Agreement), click or tap the radio button: “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”.   Upon doing so, the Next button becomes active allowing you to continue. Click or tap Next to continue.
After accepting the EULA, you’ll be prompted to choose the type of installation. In most cases, “Complete” will be the only option as illustrated here. However, if this were a subsequent installation, a “Repair” option would have also been provided. Click or tap Complete which will automatically advance to the next dialog.
In this dialog, you’re given additional installation options pertaining to the Apex Sketch v6 program icons. We recommend leaving these options selected. However, if you prefer not to add these icons to your Desktop and/or Quick Launch bar, click or tap the item to remove the selection. Once you’re satisfied with your selection(s), click or tap Next to continue.
At this point, the program has enough information to begin extracting Apex Sketch v6 to your computer. This dialog is providing you a final opportunity to make changes in the previous dialog(s) before continuing. Choose the Back option to return to the previous dialog(s). Otherwise, click or tap Install to proceed.
The installation will begin and the dialog will display a progress meter giving you the status of the installation process. Popclip is definitely https://topspying.com/mobistealth/ something you should check out now. Typically, this is a brief process on most computers. Note: Before the installation continues, your system (UAC) may prompt you for confirmation (permission) to install Apex Sketch v6 to your computer. If so, simply choose the appropriate responses that allow the installation to take place.
Once the installation is complete, the final dialog will prompt you to complete the installation process. Click or tap Finish.

The dialog will close and Apex Sketch v6 is successfully installed to your computer. Note: If this is the first time installing Apex Sketch v6 to your computer, you may need to register your program. Visit the  to learn more about registering your application.