Editing Angles


As with editing lines, to edit angled lines is the same process. The exception is you are also presented with additional data that you can edit once the line has been highlighted (selected). Click Image to Enlarge

What Can I Change?


By default, the line’s length will be displayed. Tapping in a new distance followed by ENTER will make the specified adjustment.

Rise & Run

To change the Rise or Run, tap the dimension you wish to change. Having someone from central office and a principal coming majesticpapers.com/ to harvard to talk about teacher assignment, with no union presence in the room, might actually not be so productive. The Input Display will update to show the measurement. Input a new length and press ENTER to make the change.


You may also change the angle of the line by tapping it. The angle will display in the Input Display. Input a new angle (degrees) and press ENTER to accept the change.